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At Ignite Growth I am obsessed with helping small businesses to grow. I use the proven STEPS methodology to put in place strategy, processes and systems to guarantee that your business will drive more traffic, leads and revenue than ever before.

Turning Strategy Into Revenue & Growth

What makes working with me so different to any other growth consultant, is that I am hands on and guarantee I will help turn your strategic planning into tangible results. I don’t simply share the “what” (theory) but also the “how” (practical action steps to take) !!

The Ultimate Guide To Small Business Growth - Multi Platform

The Ultimate Guide To Small Business Growth

Grab your free copy of this incredible free guide in which Richard Mawer, the CEO and Founder of Ignite Growth and Author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling “Remarkable Business Growth” shares the 8 secrets to growing your small business to £1m turnover and beyond.

Put in place the 6 core principles of modern small business growth…

Strategy - Growth Strategy For Small Business


Strategy should always drive tactics, not the other way around. Plan out a structured growth strategy to drive your tactical execution on a daily basis.

Traffic - Website Traffic


Identify 3 – 5 lead sources and focus your efforts on optimising these to attract highly targeted traffic to your business, paid, organic and social media traffic.


Once you have a flow of highly targeted leads coming into your business, make sure you connect and engage these leads in the right way.


Delighting your customers and turning them into raving fans and promoters of your business. Building your business reputation with reviews, case studies, testimonials, referrals and making repeat purchases is at the heart of every remarkable business. 


Your connected single source of truth for every interaction with prospects, leads and customers that allows you to automate, measure and grow at scale.


What we can measure, we can optimise and improve. Replace opinion with data to enable data driven decisions to be made on what is working.

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Smart Strategy, Strong Results

If you are serious about growing your small business to a level that will allow you to have more fun, freedom and fulfilment then get in touch for a free chat about your growth strategy and how it can take you from where you are now to seven figures and beyond.


Every day my focus is on giving owners of small businesses, the tactics, principles and tools to grow a business that will give them more fun, freedom and fulfilment. I achieve this using my proven STEPS growth methodology that enables any owner to grow to £1m revenue and beyond.


I see a world where small business owners embrace technology and leverage digital channels to build seven figure businesses that give them more fun, freedom and fulfilment while creating a legacy of giving for generations yet to come.

The Remarkable Growth Strategy

The Remarkable Business Growth Strategy

Strategy drives tactics. When you have a remarkable growth strategy in place, everything you do and execute on a daily basis is driven by that strategy. In this incredible guide Richard Mawer, the CEO and Founder of Ignite Growth Consultancy and author of the Amazon #1 best selling book “Remarkable Business Growth” shares the 12 elements that are pivotal when you create the growth strategy for your business.

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