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It’s Not About Me It’s About Helping You Grow

When I set up Ignite Growth Consultancy it was with one goal, to pour my knowledge, experience and skills into helping small business owners, like you, grow from wherever they are now to £1m and beyond.

My passion is to give you a business that will allow you to have more fun, freedom and fulfilment than ever before, whilst enabling you to create a legacy for the future.

A little about me…

A quick introduction, I am a small business growth expert, with over 25 yrs experience growing my own businesses to £1m and beyond and helping others to do the same. I wrote the Amazon Best Selling book “Remarkable Business Growth”. I currently own this consultancy, a training and coaching business called Go Be Remarkable and a marketing and sales software business called Leadnamic.com

It is clear that modern business growth is not down to luck, chance or hard work, but follows a blueprint of principles, strategies and processes. I call this the STEPS growth methodology, Strategy, Traffic, Engagement, Promoters and System. It is simply the most effective model I have ever seen for driving small business growth.

My obsession is in sharing these to help business owners to put in place the right elements for growth.

The STEPS Methodology For Small Business Growth

The STEPS methodology 

Releasing the brakes from your business

How It Works

Working with you to put in place the 3 core elements of growth


Strategy drives tactics. Everything starts with a plan, a detailed strategy for growth, with metrics and KPi’s to measure whether you are on-course or off-course. The mindshift from tactical thinking to strategic thinking is key to successful growth. When I work with any business owner, I put in place a proven 12 part growth strategy that ensures every minute is spent on productive work that will grow the business.


Process is the secret to consistency and freeing your time as a business owner. At the heart of all successful business growth is a series of standard operating procedures and processes that ensure that everything happens the same way everytime, but also enables the business to constantly optimise and improve what it does. Freeing up the owner to focus on strategic work, not functional tactical work.


Systems allow growth at scale. The final piece of the puzzle is using technology, tools and software to build a connected business system that gives a single source of truth, is easy to use and enables data driven decision making to replace opinion in your business. Leveraging modern technology and automation will increase efficiencyand allow your business to grow and scale.

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