The proven step-by-step approach to grow any small business to £1m and beyond!

Over the past 20+ years I have helped hundreds of small business owners to put in place the right strategy, process and systems to grow their business revenue predictably year after year. I broke this down into a simple methodology I called STEPS, to take any business from wherever it is now to £1m turnover and beyond. 

Modern business growth is predictable

The simple fact is that modern business growth is planned and predictable, it is not down to luck, chance or even how hard you work at your business. It is about putting in place the right strategy that will drive your tactical execution on a daily basis, then when you are doing the right things documenting them and turning them into processes that run on auto-pilot and finally embracing technology to give you the tools to build automated systems that power your business and deliver a remarkable experience for your customers. This strategy, process and systems approach is at the heart of the STEPS methodology.

The STEPS Methodology For Small Business Growth


Using STEPS to drive your revenue growth

How It Works

The Principles Of Modern Business Growth

Strategy - Growth Strategy For Small Business

Principle #1 - Strategy

Let your strategy dictate your tactics by putting in place a detailed growth strategy that will identify the right target audience for the business, a narrow focused list of target buyers, the key tactics to focus on to connect and engage these companies and people, then turn them into customers and delight those customers, while putting in place metrics to measure each of these to ensure the business hits revenue goals.

Traffic - Website Traffic

Principle #2 - Traffic

Highly targeted traffic converts into highly engaged leads. Build out your traffic and lead generation machine. Identify the key traffic and lead sources that will attract your target audience and good fit buyers to the business, put in place scalable marketing campaigns including organic, social and paid traffic, to drive a constant stream of leads into your business.


Principle #3 - Engagement

Nurture and engage leads to start natural sales conversations. You now have a predictable stream of leads coming into your business the process of engaging and personalised nurturing each of these leads, in the right way via email, content, social media and traditional outreach to help them and move them along their buying journey by giving them the right information at the right time, until they convert into a customer and revenue.

Principle #4 - Promoters

Delight your customers to turn them into promoters of your business. The secret sauce in the STEPS methodology is the focus on client engagement and putting in place processes to unlock the full value that delighted clients provide for a business in enabling it to become remarkable. This phase includes developing processes for surveys, requesting reviews, testimonials, case studies and of course asking for referrals, as a matter of course, not just when someone remembers.

Principle #5 -Systems

You need to systemise to optimise. Enable data driven decisions from your single source of truth. The final phase of STEPS is all about pulling it all together with a connected system of technology, tools and software. Your system will be easy to use, fully connected, act as your single source of truth and measure everything to enable you to make consistent data driven decisions based on what is working, what is not working and what can be improved.

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