The Remarkable Business Growth – 6 Weeks Accelerator Programme

Are you interested in me working with you on your business growth for 6 weeks?

I am looking to work exclusively with 12 North East Lincolnshire businesses for free in September / October 2024.

In partnership with E-Factor and the North East Lincolnshire Council, I am going to be holding a 6 weeks business growth accelerator based on my Amazon #1 best-selling book “Remarkable Business Growth”.

The accelerator starts on Wednesday 11th September 2024 and runs through to Wednesday 16th October 2024. If you are interested in securing one of the places on this unique business accelerator, watch the video below and complete the form, to be added to the shortlist.

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Are you interested?

Does this sound like the accelerator programme for you and your business? If you are fully committed to remarkable business growth for your business in 2024 / 25 then this will be the programme for you. Simply fill in a few details below and you will be put on the shortlist for this exclusive mentoring programme.

How much does it cost? £1595 £Free (yes really!)

I run my normal business accelerators at £1595 per business for a similar 6 week programme. However, this programme is being fully funded in partnership with E-Factor and North East Lincolnshire Council. Each place is by application only and the programme is limited to a maximum of 12 businesses. You must be a business in North East Lincolnshire to apply for this programme.

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When & Where?

The programme starts at 9am on Wednesday 11th September and runs through to Wednesday 16th October 2024. Each session will be 4 hrs long and held live at The Enterprise Village in Grimsby. You must be able to attend each of the 6 sessions and be available for two 1 hour calls across the programme, details are laid out below.

What does the 6 weeks involve?

Week 1 - Goals & Targeting

We kick off the first week by setting specific growth goals for your business, putting in place key KPI’s and metrics to measure. We then move on to understand exactly who your “good fit” customer is and profile them.

Week 2 - Positioning & Offering

You now know in great detail who you are targeting. Now the focus switches to your messaging, business position and your product offering. You need an ecosystem of offerings to grab attention, collect data and deliver results.

Week 3 - Sales & Revenue Plan

By Week 3 we are straight into planning out our strategy for sales. How many sales do you need to make? What is your sales process? How do you improve your sales conversion? The importance of being human, holistic and helpful.

Call #1 - 1 To 1 About Your Business Call - 1 Hour

Now we have reached the halfway point in the accelerator programme, I will be spending 1 hour with each business in the cohort. We will discuss the programme so far, the activities you have done and where you want to take your business over the coming years. Identifying challenges to overcome, the gaps to fill, the opportunities and resources you need to get there.

Week 4 - Marketing & Lead Plan

We kick off the 2nd half of the programme with a session dedicated to lead generation and marketing. What lead sources are you going to focus on? What campaigns do you need to run? What are you measuring to hit your lead goals? I will share with you the tactics that work in modern lead generation.

Week 5 - Delivery & Support

By now you will have set up your lead sources and be sending leads through your sales process to predictably convert them into customers and revenue. Now is the time to over-deliver, delighting your customers with your remarkable operational delivery. Show them you care by offering incredible service and support, to keep them loyal for life.

Week 6 - Systems & Metrics

The final week is all about technology. Creating a connected business system of software, tools and technology to drive scale. We will discuss the importance of your single source of truth that measures everything to enable you to make data driven decisions and report on the metrics that matter.

Call #2 - 1 To 1 Take Action Call - 1 Hour

The final part of the programme is a second hour call with me, where we lay out the blueprint for your business growth. I will pull together everything we have covered in the 6 weeks and make sure you walk away with clear next steps to take, to kick-start your revenue growth.

Richard Mawer - Remarkable Business Growth

A bit about me.....

My name is Richard Mawer, I am the CEO and Founder of Ignite Growth Consultancy Ltd. I am also the author of the Amazon #1 best selling book “Remarkable Business Growth”. I also set up a software business called Leadnamic Software a small business CRM, Marketing and Sales platform. I have grown 8 of my own businesses over the past 30yrs and helped hundreds of small business owners, just like you, to grow to £1m turnover and beyond. These clients include one who I helped grow to a £28m exit in 2019 and another who I worked with through to an £8m sale in 2018. I have developed an exclusive growth framework called S.T.E.P.S which helps small business owners to put in place the right strategy, processes and systems to grow leads and revenue in a predictable way. I truly believe that there has never been a better time for small business owners to build a remarkable business that gives them more fun, freedom and fulfilment than ever before.